Kensington Community Council

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The Kensington Community Council (KCC) is the second oldest volunteer community organization in Kensington and had its beginnings in the 1930’s when the Bay Association of Congregational Churches rented the Fellowship House at 264 Arlington Avenue for church services to the community. When the Church agreed the the new building could also used as a community center, Kensington residents began to address the need for a recreational program. By the late 1930’s the building was used for more than 100 meetings or classes a month by the Boy and Girl Scouts, dance classes, and children’s groups.
As the recreational programs grew, so did the need for additional facility space and at the request of the Kensington Community Services District (KCSD), the Richmond School District agreed to reserve the unused areas of the 18 acres of school property at Arlington Avenue and Wildcat Canyon for Kensington recreational facilities. In 1955, the Board of Education conveyed 1.22 acres of the property to the KCSD for a community center building, a parking lot, and play area. Plans were made for the construction of the “youth Hut” which is know known as the Community Center Building. The Youth Hut was constructed in 1955 with volunteer labor and materials.

The recreational program was moved from the Church to the new building and in 1960, the Community Center Council was replaced by the Kensington Community Council. The KCC is governed by a 20-member Board of Directors, and Board meetings are held monthly. Membership in the KCC is composed of community organizations approved by the Board and is funded by contributions from the community, class fees, and the community newspaper “Outlook” advertising.
Today the KCC has a contract with the Kensington Community Services District to run the recreational programs provided to the communityand the summer day camps. The Kensington After School Enrichment Program and the Home Alert Programs also operate under the KCC.
The Kensington Outlook, is a periodical covering local issues and events since 1944 and is pulblished by the KCC monthly ten times a year. The Outlook is funded by classified and display advertising and the KCC’s annual fund drive. It is mailed free of charge to every Kensington residence and made available to every business in the commercial districts on Arlington and Colusa Avenues.

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