Kensington Improvement Club

The Kensington Improvement Club (KIC) was the first volunteer organization in Kensington, founded in 1921. The purpose of KIC is to promote and foster the general welfare of the community. The KIC is administered by a board of directors that meet monthly. Membership is open to all Kensington residents, property owners, and people that work or own businesses in Kensington. Here are some examples of what KIC does:

  • Sponsors an annual Town Hall Meeting in the early fall as a forum for candidates and other important local issues
  • Acts as liaison with other Districts, the County and local and regional agencies
  • Monitors and makes civic improvements to public property along streets and walkways such as the entry gateways along the Arlington and Colusa Circle, sign-board, plantings, public benches and trash receptacles
  • Donates funds to critical public improvements such as the Community Center and the Park
  • Monitors the activities of the county tax assessment for Kensington Landscape District Z 21
  • Initiates volunteer beautification projects such as pathway cleanups and median plantings
  • Authors and publishes the book “Kensington Past and Present”

Regular Meetings:  4th Monday of the month at 7:30pm in the Kensington Community Center Conference Room

All meetings are open to the public and we encourage the community to attend if they would like to become involved, and if they have an issue or new idea they would like to see implemented in Kensington. Everyone is welcome!

President – Lisa Caronna
Telephone: (510) 524-7514
Mailing: P. O. Box 8165, Berkeley, CA 94707-0165