Kensington Property Owners Association (KPOA)

The Kensington Property Owners Association is a non-profit  (501(c)4) organization founded by the Kensington community in  1972 to collect and disseminate information on issues affecting Kensington property owners. KPOA  publishes a Kensington directory, hosts an annual meeting of Kensington property owners in the Spring, serves as key liaison to Contra Costa County and other bodies on infrastructure-related issues such as road resurfacing, undergrounding of power lines and other topics which require Kensington property owner input and coordination. KPOA also collaborates regularly with the other K groups on matters of interest to the Kensington community. Membership is open to all Kensington property owners and member dues  are typically used for community educational outreach and to promote civic projects.

KPOA is governed by a board of directors:

  • Gail Feldman, President
  • Kristine Hafner, Treasurer
  • Paula Black, Secretary
  • John Sullivan

Kensington Governance Explained – KPOA – January 2017

For Further Information: email or call Gail Feldman 510-559-8232.