Kensington Public Safety Council

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Download the volunteer flyer for the November 20 exercise, here.

Mission Statement

The mission of KPSC is to educate our community on how to prepare for emergencies, strengthen our citizen emergency response infrastructure, and promote community public safety initiatives. The council will address topics related to earthquake, wildfire/fire, hazardous material spill or release, crime prevention.


  • Significantly increase the number of citizens who have a basic level of emergency preparedness.
  • Completed a Family Emergency Plan
  • Have a Family Emergency Kit
  • Have 21 days supply of water for all family members and pets
  • Homes & businesses have seismic strengthening and upgrades as recommended by ABAG
  • Organize neighborhoods into citizen response groups
  • Coordinate Neighborhood Watch groups with CERT leaders
  • Broaden the reach of existing public safety initiatives
  • Neighborhood Watch
  • CERT training
  • Get Ready! Campaigns
  • Annual drills such as California Shake Out, Shelter In Place, Red Cross Sheltering exercises.
  • KPD Citizen’s Academy