Kensington Public Safety Council

The Kensington Public Safety Council (KPSC) is a new community organization formed in 2009 to work with government and citizens on Disaster Preparedness. As with the Emergency Preparedness Council which operated in the mid-90s, government bodies like the KPPCSD and KFPD designate a liaison person to attend meetings. Because residential and business property and shelters are a large aspect of emergency preparedness, the Council encourages partnerships with the Kensington Property Owners Association and the Kensington Improvement Club. First responders in fire, police, and the Red Cross are key members, as are citizens trained in Community Emergency Response Teams (CERT) and those simply interested in helping Kensington be prepared in the event of a large (7.0+) earthquake.

The Council has two missions. The first is to gather and disseminate information on all aspects of public safety, including public health, hazard mitigation, toxic waste, Neighborhood Watch, and disaster preparedness.
The second is to help bring Kensington into a state of readiness should a major event occur on the Hayward Fault. Each member works on one of three committees: House and Property; Neighborhood Organizing; or Community Interface. Members gather information and engage in strategic planning, interfacing with local churches, schools and businesses, Contra Costa County and District One Board of Supervisors, neighboring towns, EBMUD, PG&E, and state and federal agencies.
A major goal is creating incentives and visibility for CERT classes so every neighborhood gradually has a majority of people trained in emergency preparedness skills. The Council supports CERT neighborhood block groups becoming capable of staging annual drills with first responders.

Meetings are the 2nd Monday of the month at 6:30 p.m. at the Kensington Community Center, 59 Arlington Avenue. Call 508-8163 for information.

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