Kensington Community Center Safety Project

The Community Center (Youth Hut), built in 1956, does not meet current earthquake, health or safety standards. The last significant repair on the building was almost 30 years ago.

The KPPCSD Board voted to place a measure - Measure L - on the ballot in June that will fund a modernized Community Center that improves earthquake safety, and meets electrical and fire safety codes. Repairing the aging and leaky roof and updating the kitchen facilities are included in the Measure’s proposal. In addition to these necessary health and safety upgrades, the renovation will make the Center more flexible and functional for youth programs, larger meetings and ceremonies or smaller family events.

The Community Center has been home to the Kensington After School Education Program for 30 years. The Center is also used for local Boy and Girl Scout meetings and other programming that brings more that 3,000 visitors through the Center each year.

If passed, Measure L will generate up to $2 million dollars and will cost up to $14 per $100,000 of assessed value which is less than $5 per month for the average homeowner in Kensington and has strict financial accountability, including an Independent Citizen’s Oversight Committee.

The KPPCSD Board believes that upgrading the Community Center to bring it up to current health and safety standards is both important and sensible.

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