Kensington Police Officer saves a life with CPR

On a recent winter morning, Kensington police officer Keith Barrow received a call to attend to a man lying in the road on Stanford Street. Upon arrival, he found the man lying behind a car. He checked to see if the man had a pulse and was breathing. He ascertained that the man was in full cardiac arrest and had neither pulse nor breath. Immediately he called for backup and started CPR, alternately pumping the heart with chest compressions and blowing air into the man’s lungs. Once it is started, this process cannot be stopped unless it is decided that the victim is beyond reviving. Officer Barrow continued with this process and managed to control the gathering crowd of onlookers, until the arrival of engine 65 from the Kensington fire station, when the paramedics took over the very exhausting process. They continued CPR while transporting the man to Doctors’ Hospital. By the time the patient arrived at the hospital, he had returned to life; he had a self-sustaining pulse and was breathing on his own.
This was a very rare recovery, considering that the man had been clinically dead for a while before Officer Barrow arrived at the scene.
The fire department wrote to Police Chief Harman commending Officer Barrow’s professionalism, care, and cooperation. Officer Barrow will receive a commendation for his action from the department.
For further information, please contact Kensington Police Chief Greg Harman at (510) 526 4141

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