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KPPCSD Deals with their deficit.
February 26, 2009
The Kensington Police Protection and Community Services District (KPPCSD) board and District General Manager Greg Harman have been working on the deficit problem for some months. Expected expenses are slated to exceed revenues by $400,000 this year.

The board and Harman are committed to eliminating this shortfall with rigorous fiscal responsibility, by cutting costs and investigating all possible means to place KPPCSD on a sound financial footing. The board continues to hold public meetings and workshops on the issue, in an effort to find creative solutions to the deficit. As board President Bill Wright has stated, “No stone is being left unturned. We are investigating every option.”
The expected deficit is a result of rising costs, the need to comply with current legislation regarding funding retirement benefits for employees, the need to continually maintain and improve the park, and additional costs related to the Kensington Police Department.

A public two-day workshop held in January to address the budget situation also discussed board organization, planning, and community outreach. Among the needs that were identified were increased community services and stronger ties to other local organizations. “Nothing is going unexamined,” said Harman said at a recent board meeting. “Everything is being investigated in an effort to achieve fiscal soundness, while maintaining the levels of service that Kensington residents have come to expect.” Areas to be investigated include expense reduction, merging the Community Services District with the Kensington Fire Protection District, contracting out police services, and issues related to the leasing of the Annex building in the park.

The board is also reexamining the organization of the following committees: finance, solid waste and recycling, parks and recreation, police liaison, community outreach, policies and procedures, intergovernmental affairs, and emergency preparedness.

One of the items on the agenda for the March meeting of the KPPCSD boards is the construction of public restrooms in the park. At present, public restrooms are not always available to those who use the park. Restrooms are available in the library during its hours of operation and for children attending the Kensington After School Program in the Recreational Building. But at other times, children and adults, including tennis players, have no bathroom available. Finances for the new bathroom are already in this year’s budget.

As always, the KPPCSD board invites all members of the Kensington community to come to their meetings and participate in discussion of these important issues.

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