Traffic Issues and Enforcement

Welcome to the Kensington Police Department Traffic Enforcement page. Here you will find information regarding traffic enforcement services within the District of Kensington.

Supplemental Traffic Enforcement Program

In an effort to address the variety of traffic concerns throughout the District of Kensington and to simplify the existing process of informing us of traffic concerns in your area, we have developed the Supplemental Traffic Enforcement Program.

The Supplemental Traffic Enforcement Program allows you to fill out an online form to notify us of your traffic complaint. Each request for supplemental traffic enforcement will be placed on our Supplemental Traffic Enforcement list for 90 days. Each week, Officers are expected to provide traffic enforcement efforts based on your submissions, as time permits.

NOTE: Please note that there is no guarantee that an officer will be present during the days and times of your request. KPD officers will attempt to address traffic issues from the list as their time permits.

To fill out a Supplemental Traffic Enforcement request, click here.

Download or View theĀ 2010 Kensington Traffic Safety Evaluation